Moments in time
not that long ago,
held in place by
pictures and videos,
to keep them from slipping
from our oh-so flawed,
human minds.

There is a video 
of a girl–
not yet talking.
She launches herself
into her father’s arms
in a way she hasn’t
in years.

The video plays on loop,
forever immortalizing
a time long past.

how we cling
to memories
and times of old
with aging fingers,
as though if we hold them in our hands
that will be enough to 
keep them in our minds.

But when I watch the videos,
I see nothing but a stranger
claiming to be me.
I see myself leap
into my father’s arms-
a moment that will now 
never be forgotten,
and yet never quite

It sits 
in between,
where all the forgotten moments go
to be immortalized.