You, I know, go for the ritual
The ceremony, the formality of it all
I, in contrast, mock it all
The cult of it all

You walk in the garden, sheild the insect
Say the prayer, hold the memory
Each stone, plant and bird speak to you
I, in contrast, say; control can be overated

Florida man sees your lisence plate, yells;
Fuck yourself back to New York
And you tell him;
Bless your heart

Right there in front of the Burt Reynolds Ranch
Right there in plain sight on a hot June highway
The earth shifts a degree
You give it a jolt, and;

Greed becomes generosity
Narcisism becomes selflessness
Lies become honesty
Cowardliness becomes courage
Cynisism becomes humor
Flamboyant becomes colorful
Livid becomes bright
Self delusion becomes asuredness
Manic becomes happy
Lust becomes love
Pitied becomes admired
Defeated  becomes successful
Washed out becomes up and coming

You’ve been here all along
In plain sight
Only now do I see you