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Lexington Poetry Month
In Remembrance
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I yelled from the
back room and ran
to find her standing
with a sandwich
In her hand,
there are flowers

Her body lays calm
At least she’s not purple
not gasping
not shaking
She’s still
in the kitchen

holding her sandwich
as I ask for a popsicle
broken in half

my heart

It’s broken in half
as I stroke her face
now cold

“My hands are cold,”
I say to her as she’s
laying there

“Grab a paper towel,”
she says back

I run to the back room
as my hands warm
and I look back
because I can still see her
smiling face.

I can still see her
peaceful face
when I look in the
mirror to wipe
the tears
from mine.

5 responses to “In Remembrance”

  1. Aaron Slatten says:

    Between first and second stanzas I imagined the posthumous(?) person as the person second stanza back to acting first and so passed back into acting. Gone but still holding the sandwich and still approached w your purple plea.

    • Ash says:

      Yes, there is back and forth between present reality and past memory. Looking back from recent death to my childhood memories of my grandmother. My mind slipping back and forth while standing at her casket.

  2. Linda Caldwell says:

    Beautiful poem, beautiful, sweet grandmother I like the way you end the poem

  3. Jessica Swafford says:

    I love the lines I ask for a popsicle/broken in half

  4. Melva Sue Priddy says:

    “’Grab a paper towel,’
    she says back…” Powerful image and emotion.

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