Mother’s often take responsibility for who their children turn into,
but I will not blame my Mother.

It appears we have lost the battle,
the battle of humanity.
We have lost the battle
of raising some of our children
to be something other than rabid, wild animals.
We have lost the battle
to manage our politics/ politicians,
our governments-this country.  

I am the problem because:
I merely vote, try to live in a humane way,
I do not lay my comforts on the line,
I do not risk my possessions to protest,
I do not or test my sanity
by running for political positions,
nor do I take time to educate myself to manage
a city-wide police force, a state, a country,
I do not volunteer my not-so-well-used,
precious time, to help anyone,
except when convenient
and comfortable for me.
I avoid abuse, pain, love, and humans.

I ask forgiveness.
I apologize for my lack of empathy.
I accept that I am less than who I could be.
I am proud, but not proud of what I avoid.
If you want to help, when you see me,
don’t ask how I am, ask instead,
what I have done today to make
this planet a better place.
Hold me to a higher standard
than what I hold myself to.
Make me uncomfortable.