A. I just texted my sister to tell her there’s a person in here wearing a boot.

B. She’s wearing a boot, too? What’s wrong with her?

A. She broke a bone in her foot, has a stress fracture, and has that osteoporosis. Six months in a boot.

B. Yeah, it takes a long time. Once I had a stress fracture in my heel and they made me use crutches for six weeks. Nothing. No better. I had to put my foot in a box they gave me that made some kind of waves. Thirty minutes every day with my foot in a box, and the doctor could tell if you were doing it or not. Six months of that, I think. Yeah, six months. But it healed.

A. Now if it had been a wrist, I could have sympathized with you.

B. You broke your wrist? 

A. Yeah, but that wasn’t so bad. It was that shoulder, that rotator cuff that like to killed me. Took me a year to get over it.

B. You had surgery on your shoulder?

A. Oh yeah, and the worst thing was, it was my right shoulder, so I couldn’t use my hand. And my husband—he wasn’t any help at all. Actually now he’s my ex-husband.