In this house:

We are Pro-Abortion, because
Abortion is Healthare. Black
Lives So Much More Than Matter,
(but sadly we seem to be dealing
in some bare minimums here).
Trans Men are Men, and Trans
Women are Women – & your
pronouns are important to us,
be they she / he / xey / them.
Science is Real, and so is Covid
(so put your damn mask on –
correctly – if we don’t know you).
We honor the Old Gods – church
recruiters, walk on by. But Girl
Scouts selling cookies? My man’s
a Thin Mint guy. Yes, the Earth is
warming. Yes, Oceans-Blue will rise.
But “blue lives” are not a thing; we’re
both proudly & loudly Antifa & Allies.
Lastly? Every blesséd day in this house
(not just a solitary month) is Pride.