Getting hair clipped and colored takes precedence   over downtown, live music and livening up ourselves before the summer solstice prevails I’m not deterred to go it alone, although ‘alone’ is not  ‘how I roll’ anymore,  sometimes you gotta take risks to reap rewards and seeing the Big Maracus is the Latin shuffle, booty shakin’ people gazing reward I knew what I was going to do early on in the day and I took adequate actions: got sunglasses fixed so I’d have my eyes,  got a sixer so I could avoid the beer line and got a twnety just in case I roll out from the house at 4:30 over the bellowing  howls from my dog- plenty of time to overcome unforeseen delays along the way. First unscheduled stop on Owsley still within earshot of whining pup, trouble wallet dropped, out popped shade lens , joystick knob lost and foot                                   flying free pinned beneath me, HEY BEAUTIFUL PASSERBY, Delilah to the rescue! Next stop, Wilson’s Grocery Store for a late lunch – a Zero candy bar, my fav Then it’s on to bus stop, without spotting a clock but no matter I’ve got no timeframe, no deadline, all I have is time to be alive.  The bus ride is bumpy but brief, I tell the driver to let me off at Thursday Night Live, a straight shot into downtown.  He knows the spot, lets the ramp down, unbuckles me and bids me farewell, without taking my fare.  THANK YOU! but before he’s rid of me I have trouble getting down the ramp, a patron helps steer me straight.  It’s crowded but I don’t mind, people will   move if you’re patient or if you just give them a little nudge but I only do this when my patience runs out (it rarely does: I have a newfound level of patience, I have to!) i make my way through the crowd and around the stage inch by inch, completely circling the bandstand to my favorite spot.  I crack open one beer then another, I sip and watch the spectators surreptitiously as they bounce and shake, twist and stomp, boogie and sway.  When the music ends my journey just begins.