God, i missed eating peanut butter for lunch

i’ve cored and cut apples into eighths for more kids than

can count or be counted

coworker commented on my efficiency once

                              it’s strange the things you remember

                              but to be Witnessed is like a folktale

                              repeated and braided in your brain

                                        Let Me Show You Them

                              is what brother and sil call it

in childhood we called them

               Apple Boats

and there was

               Macaroni in the Neighborhood

for some reason

               Stuff on a Plate

is a new year’s classic with cheese and meats and crackers sure

but shrimp cocktail or whatever dad has in his many freezers too

                              in Mongolia

                              there was so little fresh fruit

                              just eight gallons of milk filling up the minifridge

                              and when i bought three apples

                              there was a worm in one of them

you can cut it into ninths through sixteenths if it’s too big