You crawled toward me
on hand and knee
tattered flannel shirt 
over filthy denim pants
your shock of white hair
illuminated from behind
by the television light 
of late night infomercials
your shriveled face
with cavernous lines
leans in to mine
your mouth wide open
beneath the scruff 
of salt and pepper whiskers
I stare wide-eyed
from my sofa bed
unable to move
incapable of scream
you lay your lips to mine
I taste the putrid rot
of stale hard liquor
smoke and decay
it permeates my orifice
coating the soft tissue
in its rancidness
my tongue recoils
you suck my breath
from my lungs
until I startle enough
to wake myself
under the television light
of late night infomercials
I shake off the nightmare
but my mouth is still filled
with the putrid rot
of your incubus kiss
that tastes of stale liquor
smoke and decay