I’ve kept this bubbly
       I’ve kept it bright
       Do not want to go
       Where there is no light

       They make me sad, those dreadful places
       Unrequited love – moons without faces

       See, one can deal with ‘fluffy’ for so long
       Then the gargoyles start to sing me their song
       “Come hither, come hither, you lack luster fool
       grab a hammer a shovel or some kind of tool
       and dig yourself out of the spot you got in
       you might need a beer or a bottle of gin”

       Stop trying to go back to a time most forgot
       Best left unopened, that door that you locked

       That you brushed against it, is not questioned here
       the dark evil place void of light and all cheer
       It was an accident – you don’t want the past
       Keep that door shut – run away very fast

       Why did you even want to go there?
       It’s scary, it’s evil – there’s no one to care
       They wait for you – those gargoyles that drool
       They want you back – their delight is in cruel

       Write down your thoughts, your feelings your fears
       Don’t try to relieve them – that puts you back years
       Do not uncover those times that were raw
       You’re not the same person – No, not at all.

       Let your deepness within, come out with a pen
       You lived it all once – don’t go there again!