Does anyone still wonder:

If Jimmy Durante ever found out where Mrs. Kalabash was
If all that Sam the Sham really wanted was a “ring dang doo”
Why Johnny was so long at the fair
Who put the “bomp” in the “bomp ba bomp ba bomp”
If a guy who had rhythm, music and his girl would ask for anything more
Who’ll stop the rain
If anyone would really walk a mile for a Camel
Whatever happened to Baby Jane
If Bosco really is the drink for you
Who put the “ram” in the “rama lama ding dong”
If Rodney Dangerfield ever got any respect
If anybody really knows what time it is–or really cares
If cats can really suck the breath out of babies
If Hushpuppies really made sidewalks softer
If Chicago is–or ever was–a toddlin’ town
If the government should own and operate the railroads
If people who need people are really the luckiest people in the world
How many roads a man must walk down before they call him a man (and just who are “they”?)
If we really are what we eat
Who put the “dip” in the “dip da dip da dip”
And–of course–if the Hokey Pokey is really what it’s all about?