In the vapid excerpt from the novel, in the calm and loving excerpt,
in the abusive excerpt from The Beet Queen,
Louise Erdrich replays an event in which two siblings
are mistreated by the environment through imagery and paradox.

Mrs. X is our English teacher who orders us around like a dictator.

The novel was written in 1986 and included railroads as a main means of transportation.
The details help the reader think that Karl and Mary were from back in the days
where crops were a major factor in living the 80’s.
Back then, heat was not supplied as much as it is today.

I’m scared for Eddy’s prom.
I know Chantal is going to look beautiful and I’m not.

First off they are in North Dakota, which as many of us know, means there is nothing of interest there.
The children need to get away from the town itself—the butcher of dreams.

I really do love Christian and want to be with him
but I can’t because of the cruel fact that he doesn’t know of my existence.

Today life isn’t suffering. Life is survival.
It isn’t the train that’s moving. It’s life that’s passing them by.