When snow starts to stick

we hang bird feeder in the front yard pine.

I drink my morning coffee under a blanket

and watch out the window

as blue jays, cardinals, and sparrows come to visit.


The cardinals are brave and come up to the porch.

The rust-colored females watch the males

and listen to their song

their heads patiently cocked to one side.


I hang a second feeder in the backyard

but squirrels frequent it more than birds.

One day I find it broken on the ground.

Though it wasn’t what I intended

someone ate this winter.


On a warm winter day

I take my son to the arboretum.

We see chickadees and house finches

and a hawk briefly glides overhead

but he is more interested in a stray cat

that rubs against his legs.


Yet, during his free time at school

he draws a picture for me

of birds.