You can spend your days living in fear
Of the quiet commercials that air at 3 a.m.
Asking if you or a loved one
Have fallen victim to negligence
And let that resentment sit in your chest
Where you’re left with less love and more regrets 
Or, you can choose the latter
Live fast and die young
Before anybody even noticed you were here 
Until you weren’t
As if you never mattered
Because maybe you never really did
In a short period of time
You didn’t make an impact 
Or imprint
And it seems beyond your wildest dreams 
That you’d be asked to pick and choose
From two extremes
So I’ve determined that life has to be an intersection
Where these two paths meet
So the next time you’re alone
With your thoughts on the street
Just remind yourself 
The next time you are held back
Or restrained by fear
Remember what it was
And who you are
That brought you