Power Authority II Outlet Protector

HP Monitor

Custom-built gaming computer circa 2007

OLEVIA television set, bad HDMI outlet placement

Ghirardelli chocolates, caramel, large bag

Six pack Ale-8

The Autobiography of Red

Red Doc<

The Beauty of the Husband


Glass, Irony, and God

Ava, signed by Carole Maso

Moby-Dick I didn’t finish reading for my first literature class in college

Wine bottle opener, bent / broken by Courtney on our first date

Empty post-it note pile

Culturally inappropriate Buddha mini-statue

Flower painting from my dead grandmother

Flower painting from my alive grandmother

Flower painting from Morehead Goodwill

Flower painting from Mount Sterling Goodwill

Xbox One with Dark Souls 3 inside of it

3 Cacti that Courtney let me have after I moved out of our apartment

Bernie Sanders coffee mug

Honey, I Blew Up The Kids VHS

17 Baseball Caps

My Backpack, contained: laptop, clothes, wires

Pile of towels, some of mine & some of Courtney’s

A red / brown voodoo doll found at a yard sale circa 2007 for .50

Mucinex PM

28pk DeerPark Water

Closet, many clothes

iPhone, two missed texts

Window, open, leads to the roof




Pentagram in Braille, rough patch, the name of Joseph Mary hidden in the face of a Reptile King hissing triangle prisms into Lexington’s bright night sky while we drink on my roof top because (hiss hiss) if the world ends it will be while Mercury is still retrograding but can you pass the gatorade I’m still a sick little kid can’t drink stuff straight maybe the demons will rise from the gravel parking lot graves we dug today for fun / did you hear about the gorilla? fuck the Gorillaz No the gorilla that got shot. I hate the Gorillaz. El Mañana. Or did you mean “El Mañana.” / when tomorrow Gemini rises maybe I’ll fly to the sun like Geryon but Lexington’s only volcanoes are in middle school science fairs for participation ribbons and I remember mamaw patting me on the back even though I made my Uncle finish my middle school science fair project, The Effects of Magnetization On Iron Shavings. magnets like the ones on the poles of this planet that send the mole men up to the surface when Mercury is purple gatorade or spinning out of orbit towards The Blackness Of The Whale Of It All, Ya’ll / purple gatorade I let spill off the side of the roof towards the cars and graveyards and im cackling like a looney toon animal while you pull me back onto the flat part at the top of the slope telling me not to die because if I die you don’t want to go back to dating dudes named Josh with shits-for-brains and I don’t think a three letter difference means a lot / hey where did the retrograde go. on the cars. / my head cocked back on the roof towards the hospital and my hands groping for pentagrams on shingles while you sleep during this Very Important Astrological Event. upside down, the Chandler hospital room window where my great mamaw bled to death looks like it is floating above The Moon & Mercury.