She is never seen.
She’s only ever met with shallow questions, like people asking what her favorite color is, to which she can only reply with one word: green.
Isn’t the better question, “Why green?”
Then she could explain how she’s completely encapsulated by the deep green trees,
the smell of cut green grass in the warm summer breeze,
and the wet, green moss that grows on the submerged rocks in each and every stream.
But nobody ever asks those types of questions.
Instead, when she walks into a room, no one is affected.
And It doesn’t phase her anymore because she’s learned to expect it.
She’s easily forgotten in a crowd full of people.
After all, she doesn’t fit in with the crowd, so she isn’t seen as an equal.
Some call her helplessly dumb.
And it’s probably because she’s just so very young.
Others call her Immature.
And it could be because they think she simply hasn’t had enough to endure.
Many call her a loner and antisocial.
But that’s because they misunderstand why she’s not often vocal.
They don’t know what it’s like to live inside her beautiful yet intricate mind.
They don’t know the way she’s so creatively and uniquely Inclined. 
They don’t try to see the world as she sees it every day.
Instead, they continue to see the shy girl in the back of the room who quietly wastes away.
She rarely has high expectations for the way people see her because they are far in and between
She doesn’t fit into this world and because, of course,
She is never seen.