(After a poem of the same title by Ben Jonson)

Tonight, you’re invited by our transforming apartment and I–
not because we think we’re worthy,
but because you enrich any feast.
We’ll do our part to entertain you,
keep you well fed with our menu:
olives, capers, pimiento spread for your palate,
a helping of traditional Grand Junction Taco Salad
to usher in my lover’s breaded chicken cutlets
and my lemon and caper chicken stirfry
atop creamy mashed potatoes if you have room.
I’ll tell you more, but lie, so you will come:
of roasts, smoked ribs, shrimp and cocktail sauce,
chicken fajitas, turkey pot pie, and rasta pasta,
which all may yet come to be,
in harmony with dietary need.
Assorted cheese and fruit will surely be offered,
but what inspires me is a pure cup of rich Canary wine–
it is the Mermaid’s now, but shall be mine.
Bring your companions, be an hour late if you wish.
Tell me and my chef will conjure you and your pet’s favorite dish.
We haven’t covered the desserts on our exhaustive list,
but are prepared to have them prepared — pistachio muffins,
authentic New York cheesecake, Boston Cream donuts so fine.
We set out the hors ’deovres and the glasses at 7 pm.
Come with your most-used emoji, your most precious meme.
Leave your status updates and key words at the door,
Unless they are vital to your goals, your passions, your family line.
All this awaits without reservation. The door’s unlocked. Come and dine.