An ethereal mist 

The truth luminesces like a wisp in dark woods
It glides through the groves as if it guide me 
But the wood holds me 
It’s cold mastery keeps me cemented in the night 
Questions swirl in the wind through the grove 
I squint to find the light, to guide me in truth 
When embers coarse from within and alight my tounge 
I toss them round, and they dance in my breath
And they begin to burn 
Too quickly they meet my lips 
The inquisitive wind snatches them up like a predator it’s prey
And the dark wood becomes a flame 
The truth no longer lights the woods 
But a fierce and corrupt fire 
To chase the honest wisp is the souls desire 
But a caliginous master puppeteirs my tounge 
The wood is home
And it’s just so easy to lie