(Her two teenage daughters get home from school.  Mom says…)

Awesomesauce! You’re home! This house is live now!
With my amazeballs fam comin’ home an’ all.
I got woke on your lingo today.
High key need to fix some knosh cuz I’m hangry.
Any o’ your squad savage enough to hang?
If so, I’d keep it as long as they’re not askholes.
I’d hate to have to cancel the trash and drag ’em for that.
I accidentally earjacked your convo yesterday
when you told your bae you needed some skrill
so this savage mom picked up a C-note for your good grades
Well, gotta get back to my regular badassery. Word out!

(Daughters look at each other as mom walks away and one says…)

Never wanna hear that nast again!