This morning, at least, the air felt fine
not as in just okay but as in keenly good.
Sun welcomed me awake to good tidings. 

And I felt accomplished and relieved before noon–
which, I’m surprised compared to however-I-feel-now
The sun is setting orange, down over the rooflines.

When my grandma told me never to rely on anything,
she wanted me to learn to be resilient as stone. 
On the farm, sunsets were a beautiful common event.

Nothing has really changed since this morning–
but where I once felt unsure, now I do know differently. 
We nailed one curtain over one too-bright window.

Sometimes, it’s better be be left in the dark searching,
than it is to be certain–I’d rather believe that,
in most things, I still have a chance at content.
In the darkening room, I now find myself