You’re my first in person student in two years
We’re reading Cynthia Rylant’s ‘Van Gogh Café’
It’s fun to play magic with you
I introduced the Mind Boggling Card Trick
So much fun to watch your eyes pop out!
So tender when you placed your wish: To see your elders who are in heaven 
with Dill our trustworthy wish keeper

Now we know a possum in Flowers, Kansas
We’ve witnessed his ability to heal broken relationships
To make enemies friends
Fighting lovers can’t help but embrace
Maybe we should send this magic possum to Washington, D.C. to work his magic!

You told me you are kind and funny
I believe you
It’s fun to play Heart and Soul together on the keyboard
Your ivory touch gentle sweet harmony
Can hardly wait ‘til we perform our duet

Lightning is about to strike at the ‘Van Gogh Café’
I told you I wish I could go there
A place once a theatre now a magic coffee shop
Just to hear the phonograph play, “You’d be so nice to come home to!”
And be surrounded by painted purple hydrangeas in the girl’s bathroom 

It’s fun to weave educational therapy magic thru concoctions of creativity
Your self-portrait yesterday was a dancing fun guy
A side of you still hidden in your quiet
Your poem was filled with wisdom beyond your 11 years

In four short meetings I can already tell you have taught me so much
I only wish you came last fall and yet we know all is in divine order
When you say good-bye in a few short weeks and move to Chicago
I know I’m going to shed some tears