Poisonous blossoms
litter this garden,
their beautiful emerald petals
smothering the fragile seedlings
of contentment and peace.

Their rotten seeds reek
of disappointment and shortsightedness,
the stench only apparent
when the shells crack open
with a violent shudder.  

Buried deep,
shoved even deeper over time,
the seeds so long forgotten
suddenly burst to life
with blooms that always surprise
the wary gardener.  

Their golden stems,
seemingly so desirable,
stab and prick and pinch
with invisible thorns,
maiming the hands
who dare to pick them.  

Spring up, healthy plants!
Open your tender blossoms
and soak
in the abundance of sunshine and rain.
Receive the wealth you already have;
squelch the filth you think you want.