When building your life
Around the Mormon faith
You start
with a strong foundation.
Each                   block
has its place,
Lined                  neatly
in rows of three.
But then
you start asking questions. 
Why is gay marriage is a sin?
Why can’t women have the priesthood?
Why is God not answering my prayers?
Poking holes
in your perfect tower.  
You try to fix it,
Frantically gathering
the dislodged pieces,
Placing them precariously
on                   top.
Maybe, just maybe
If your tower is tall enough.
The gaping holes
won’t                  matter.
  You can’t accept defeat,
To do so
Would mean you built
your entire life
on a lie.
  But for a curious mind,
Who doesn’t know when
to                   stop,
The end is inevitable.
The tower will crumble.
Leaving only a jumble
Of crushed dreams
And empty promises.