Mozart’s Jupiter on the radio
the idea to take the tree out
of the planter that sits
on the patio outside 
the sliding glass door
that faces the sunrise occurs

he turns the classical station
off and steps out to overcast,
Jupiter hidden from him
like a previous life
exubrant with affair,
pulls the single strand
of white lights from the withered
cedar, yanks the prickly bark
to carry over to the compost
…remembers those days
when he always slept naked
with all the lights off
in the dark, so dark even
Venus was enough of a night-lite

now age, circulation, bad eyes
conjugates into a subjunctive mood
where even in June he needs
a sweater for his cold bones
and the patio Christmas lights
to see his way for his nightly
trips to the toilet

he used to say Christmas lights
left on 
were the reason for strip mines
in Harlan County