i found my sleep in the lost woods,
covered in thorns that dig deep
my skin lets out my juice,
letting my children suck my roots
until they sing songs of my weeping face — 
hoping thorns cling them into my breast,
so they could not leave me to my dreams,
which would crush
if they were found lost in the woods.

i swam through great lakes and rivers,
invading sharks and whales, swans and seals,
until i stopped at a log with joyful frogs,
and sung songs that made krakens weep — 
finally, the crocodiles came after me
and caught a piece,
letting my body wither in the sun.

i escaped my fate and climbed the great
mountain of death — reaching the submit with spears in my hand
and gold on my neck, i am mother to all children on land — 
kill me now, i dare you to lay upon me or my kin,
as they have grown in size and strength, 
and now we have come to win.