Moons and Junes and Ferris wheels
                                                                The dizzy dancing way you feel…
                                                                                             – Joni Mitchell

They only came once a year.
I only had one chance.
Vibrating in the back seat of the family Olds
neck-stretching past my Dad at the wheel,
it was off in the distance 
at the end of the longest lick of road i knew.
Spokes of golden light
forming a star, turning round and round,
a circle-blur of colored lights blurring
my insides. 
we park.
My Dad knows where to go 
and we’re there 
and it is big, it is so big it is bigger than last year and I am here
and it is huge 
with a brilliance I have only seen in this place. And,
in a line
and I wiggle and watch
as the bucket comes ‘round.
He points to us,
opens the gate, we
hop in and go
up and
up and
I am the breeze 
above the trees.  
I am summer 
and light, green  
and beaming.
I am the stars
and the earth.
I am the moon 
and June.