Red lights turn green

Old music soothing my ears

I think about June

How fast she went

As I drive through this small town

I think back at what I even did

Some days it was nothing

And some days were some of my favorites

But I can’t get past this feeling

I’ve had it since warm weather knocked on the door

That everything and everyone is changing

And that I have no control over it

Yes, somewhat of a control freak

Due to past circumstances.

This control is sort of different though

I’m trying to keep my fears from happening

I’ve overcome some of these fears before

I know how they feel

You could say I’m numb to them

But they still find a way

To break through my walls

The sad part is

Sometimes I spend too much time

Stressing over these fears

And wanting control

That I don’t enjoy what’s right in front of me

Or what’s outside my door

Or who is a phone call away,

What keeps me going is adventures

And friends

And just doing fun things,

Being a kid again.

Maybe this poem will be a vow to myself

To flip the bird to the fears

And go live this summer like I want to