I’ve arrived at the Emerald City
It’s a light filled pocket bedroom with Cathedral ceilings
The sheets are satin and silver
The bureau a dark wood
Clear but thick, undulating, patterned glass
Reflects a nearly neon green, painted behind it. The effect is like trees reflecting in a clear pool
The wizard is hunting for a guest book
He is gracious, he is accomadating
He is hiding something
Toto is a short, brown-haired man.
He knows everything and built everything,
But doesn’t really see the point in admiring it. Ever practical, he just does the next logical thing, always chipper, never really that excited.
He is a protector
I am a Dorothy
A girl, I guess
And I’ve found the church I was looking for,
The place to worship my own power.
On the TV Biden is apologizing for the overturn of Roe vs Wade.
All women in this country now cast aside
As supremely unimportant,
Like the party who once ventured to Oz