A given instant, a fleck of time, gives itself to us
more completely the more completely we give ourselves
to it. Giving and receiving, accepting and refusing to accept, 
the stories behind the “Why?” and “Why not?” of these,
all the stories we see in the moment,
and the stories just becoming visible, all are origami-folded
behind that fleck of time, forever. 

And the next fleck after that, how it connects itself 
to all before it, and to all that come after,
in ways we know, in ways we don’t yet know,
in ways we’ll never know, forever. 

This is forever:
What we see,
what we’re aware we see,
what we only think we see, 
what we don’t notice right away,

What we think about what we see, 
what we remember and connect to it,
from this life story and from all those others we dimly remember:

How the infinite in each fleck
fits into our current version of our story, how it refuses to fit, 
how it changes it, how it expands it, how it changes
the stories that will come after it, forever. 

Me trying to explain it to you
while it’s happening all around me.