It came unexpectedly, as most of them do and as always,
took her by surprise. She watched herself
open her mouth and the proverbial snakes and lizards spilled out.
That helped no one, including her. She followed up
with self-righteous drama and then somehow mid-sentence came to
her senses and apologized. She meant it. Regardless,
K.S. spun into a shame-spiral and dove headfirst
into the tarry pool of self-loathing. Yum.
She eventually emerged icky and remorseful and wanting
to be given a chance to turn back time so she could elect
to keep her mouth shut, of if she must open it,
to eat an everything bagel with cream cheese and lox or
to pretend she needs to tie her shoes in an Alpine Butterfly knot or
to paint the walls of her garage orange or
take a taxi to minimum New Caledonia. Oh,
the missed chances in life, disguised
as opportunities to say nothing.