So much to express; emotions overflowing and yet is this the place, the way, the venue?
Probably not.
I’ve kept this far from such things in the past…
And yet if not where I am then where?
It matters not what side you stand on on this tender line.
It matters that you hold yourself precious to the present and the future way in which we will see humanity face forward. 

I have long chosen the route of beauty
of creativity
of self expression and depth and breadth of truth as we each and collectively find the place through which the unique individual comes fully alive and real in this life.
I don’t care what side of the fence America has built you stand on.
That is not the heart of the issue we face as humans right now.
I care that you open yourself to the fullest potential therein.
The world seeks the you that is beyond the line in the sand.
The you that possesses a unique calling and voice, and wants with your entire being to live it into the world.

Keep doing what you are doing-
creating beauty, integrity, authenticity, and truth with each stroke of your brush. 

Do what is right for you-
stand in protest,
paint the anger,
mold the grief.
Put your hand to the canvas and send out the story of wise decision and best practice that must be our most human choice for the world.
While adverse decisions and painful, overbearing ruling take shape in our country, keep walking.
Keep forming.
Keep molding.
Breathe deep, send up the prayer that aligns to your best self, and keep on the path that you have formed as your truth and wisdom for this world.
Fight yes. With what tool?
Keep going. 

Protest yes. With what experience?
Keep going. 

Rebel and cry out yes. With what voice?
Keep going.
Keep going in your deep sense of why. 

Keep going in your most strident form of how. 
Keep going in your wise understanding of the way. 
We each must uplift and empower and
we each must keep going.
Amidst the unconscionable decisions of the few, let us become the many that keep going.
in love beauty truth and wisdom
keep going