* Watching our disabled female veteran neighbor struggle mowing her grass,
   he took over finishing the job.

* Her 13 year old voice pitched with fear, she called us for help. Someone was
  breaking into the house as she babysat a 4 year old and 6 year old. She was our
  neighbor and mom wasn’t home. He hopped in our car with no weapon but 
  himself to the rescue. The intruder drove off as he approached.

*. Volunteered to teach kids with disabilities how to cook once a month for 17
   years providing all the food with recipes  encased in plastic to replicate at home.

*. Taking shifts to care for my mom on hospice in our home so I could work part time
   and  Grocery shop.

*. Refusing to do a scuba live aboard and leave me home alone, worrying about my health.

*. Taking our 15 year old family dog, Toby, to the vet when it was time, by himself cause i
    couldn’t bear to do it. He came home after, took a shot of bourbon and cried his eyes out.

These are just a few from his list. The reason I trusted him with my life..