ideas only come with movement  
     steps across a bridge

I drove across town and would again
for her, a woman who has much more in common with me than she knows
she truly doesn’t know me at all and I barely know anything
but I’ve pieced together and realize
well, women’s stories often flow like rivers
all into the same larger one, then finally to the sea
salt water, tears, the results of the whims of men

my thoughts circle like tiny cyclones in my mind
the above mentioned ideas that formulate when I walk
when I seek and explore
delve deeper than the mundane
I want something more

this recurring dream of driving backward
fast, too fast and I cannot control what’s happening
a vision though
not dead people or some gauzy gray spiritual enlightenment
a thought and I vow to name something, before I pass, after my great grandmother
and what he thinks matters not

I want something more for her too
not just good enough or isn’t it nice to not have to worry
I want her to exceed every expectation
and be clothed in purple despite him
I want her to win and win again

I will cross that bridge eventually  
     we will move freely, together