It takes more than simply slicing
bread, slattering it with butter while
it’s piping hot. That’s the easy
part, of course. Immediate
satisfaction is not what you seek.

Slowly sifting flour, patiently
waiting for yeast to rise, proof
dough requires gentle kneading
before baking to perfection. Crust
protects soft crumb, inner portion

only your partner knows. Perhaps
you prefer unleavened, unless
baking challah, leaving a piece
behind. Accept gluten and scores
as cuts we carry, external scars

enhance character, inviting
your beloved to fill cracks
with love you offer each other.
It’s really that simple if you
let it. It only takes practice,

time, patience, and love
you’ve found with each other
bound by tying apron strings,
exchanging vows, sealed
with a kiss after rings slide

on fingers. Bands you’ll forget
to remove when baking
because you’ll never want
to take them off, symbol
of eternal commitment

lasting longer than heating
an oven, kneading a loaf,
sharing piping hot magic
composed of four ingredients
when it only takes two. Groom

and groom perfect union
as you’ve ignited a fire
prepared to bake a lifetime
of memories, remembering
commitment of matrimony.