Lakes, Presidents, and Littles



Once people believed

the dark spots (on this side)

of the moon were lakes. 

A lovely place to go 

for alone time, every mother

needs some (both a lovely

place and alone time),

not to estrange herself

from the littles

but just to be president 

(briefly) of her own body.

Little latchers follow her


to the bathroom,

not understanding it’s

aunt flow’s time to visit

(the auntie who comes

from the moon and knows 

what’s up with the dark spots)

and it’s already crowded 

in there, aunt flow with

all her luggage and a mind

to speak her piece.   Littles

(pushing and stretching—

something they learned

at the beginning of time)

could part the sea (if

need be) to get back

in mother’s sight,

normalizing their 

view of her move-

ments and the moon’s power

(lakes, craters and otherwise).