I met my neighbor
last night for the first time, late.
He was drunk and chatty.

He excused himself
to spit tobacco.

He said he was scared
of our late neighbor who passed
alone from cancer,

Joe who always joked
about tomatoes,

that he would steal some
from my garden if I would
stop growing weird ones. 

Joe wanted just one
tomato a year,

wanted to make one
summer BLT. Summer
wanted to make one

tomato a year.
Joe wanted just one.

Stop growing weird ones
from my garden. If I would,
he would steal that, some.

About tomatoes,
Joe, who always joked

alone, from cancer
passed, who, of our late neighbor,
he said he was scared.

To spit tobacco,
he excused himself. 

He was drunk and chatty. 
Last night for the first time, late,
I met my neighbor.