Scrolling through my instagram feed at 2:45 AM.
I look up and think,
oh no. 
My math homework, it’s late..
I jump up in a tizzy and I see the date on my phone.
June 9, 2022.
It’s summer, that means no math homework.

Watching a movie with my sisters at 4:32 PM.
Didn’t I have to do something?
OMG! My skate lesson! I’m late!
I hurry and grab my skates and stick.
‘what’s wrong?!’
‘I have a skate lesson!’
‘that was yesterday, it’s Thursday.’
I lay back down on the couch.

In my dream at 7:30 AM.
I hear random buzzing noises,
I slap my phone on my desk.
The buzzing stops.
It starts again.
I open my eyes.
I wasn’t late..
I missed my entire therapy appointment.