In halls of power, a chilling ink descends,

Laws etched with hate, where prejudice transcends.
A target painted, vibrant souls they bind,
Transgender lives, denied space to unwind.
“Bathroom battles,” a manufactured fray,
Ignoring hearts that yearn for a brighter day.
Their bodies policed, a spectrum ostracized,
Existence questioned, rights cruelly disguised.
The ink bleeds fear, a message loud and clear,
“You’re not welcome here,” a whisper in the ear.
Doctors silenced, voices forced to hide,
Transition’s path, with barriers fortified.
But hope remains, a flicker in the night,
Trans spirits defiant, bathed in rainbow light.
Resistance rises, a chorus bold and strong,
“We will not be erased,” their battle cry rings long.
For love and freedom, a truth they hold so dear,
The right to be themselves, the right to persevere.
Let pens be broken, these laws turned to dust,
Equality for all, a world where they can trust.
This ink, it dries, a temporary stain,
But love’s resilience, forever will remain.