A found poem inspired by a collection of poetry about love

Be patient


my bright & hardy stalks
  of protea

No one believes in you
  like I do.


All the men in my line are instinctually stoic &

and yes, I want to help you shoot the moon

to interpret

This isn’t the only history,
  but is the history of everything

What did I know, what did I know
  of love’s austere and lonely offices

no one told us

the reasons why our marriage
  might work

not knowing where it might end up

  we eat this earth

We sing of our respect

It comes down again to polarities,
  equilibrium. Evening.

Each time

your stresses are sustained and daily

these are exactly the times

to drag out the whole galaxy
  of endearments

Because your heart beats to your breath

Remind me

of wonders, of great
  and ordinary loves,

Tell me
  everything you know, you don’t

Happiness costs so little
  for those who are willing to

live like this