Imagine, if you will, you
are standing in a field,
looking at the night sky,
and you notice a few fuzzy patches,
in addition to the many stars

Imagine each fuzzy patch is a
distant galaxy (not hard to do–
see: Andromeda) now

Imagine you are traveling, say,
186,000 miles per second and
the nearest galaxy is 2.5 million light-
years away

It would take you 2.5 million years to get 
there, so long as you didn’t slow down–
even for a second

Imagine you enter this other
galaxy and you dive into one
spiral arm, or other,
and you find an average star with
average planets and you travel
to one of those planets 

Imagine you find a person,
not unlike yourself (not as far-fetched as you might think–
see: periodic table), standing
in a field, looking at a fuzzy patch
you tell them is called
The Milky Way

Imagine you have a conversation
about what lies here, there, and
in between: the vast distances,
the empty voids, the few (considering the
volume of this universe) dots of
light we call stars

Imagine you discuss the trillions
of galaxies, each will many billions 
of stars and many millions of planets, 
and you realize that, were you to travel
to all those places, you would never find
another just like them–or
just like you.