All that is taboo
Sex and sweat and
all manner of bodily fluids  

And Women
breasts hanging thighs rubbing
together with delight when
touched by a gentle hand  
menustrating and menopausing
bearing children or not bearing children

Tall women
short women
fat women
skinny women
Transgender women
Black women
Latinx women
Indigenous women
Asian women
Pacific Islander women
White women
All kinds of women    

What is about us that scares you so
Makes you want to pass laws turning us into chattel  

We are not chattel, appendages, trophies
We are strong and smart
and fast and beautiful
just as we are

With bodies that cry and sweat and bleed
With minds that hope and dream and ponder  
We are not chicks, girls, bitches, babes, whores
We are women
Hear us roar