Poem 23, June 23



On Father’s Day,

I read a letter, dated Oct. 3.

My father wrote it to my mother,

whom he had not met in 1945.

He was active duty,

a machine gunner near-casualty

with a new MOS after the

Battle of the Belgium Bulge.

He wrote:


I will try today to answer

the nice letter which I

haven’t received from you.

Hope you are not married

when this reaches you. HA.


I am still fine as can be.

I don’t know what to write

though to you. I have written

the same thing so much

I know you get tired of Reading

Such Stuff.


Wish I could tell you when I will

be home But that must be one of those

military secrets that I have heard

so much about.


He came home in December of 1945.

They married in March of 1946.