Hey Mike: This is going to be a fast one because it’s the end of the day and I’m exhausted from cleaning up all the downed trees and branches from Thursday’s storm. It reminds of April 1974 when you were in the Bardstown jail and I drove there with Ellie to find out what was going on. Tornados were all around. We  saw one going east along the Bluegrass Parkway as we headed west. People were getting out of their cars and laying down in a ditch.
       When we got to the Jail, the emergency alert siren went off and everyone was told to go into the basement where the cells served as shelter for extreme events like tornadoes ond nuclear attacks. And there you were, the next cell over locked up with all the other prisoners. Half your head and beard  was shaved clean and the other half was as hairy and wild as the rain-forest. You looked at me as though it was the most natural thing in the world to see me in jail with you and said, “I did it. I called forth the storms and they came and wrecked vengance upon the land.” I knew you were out of your mind and somehow I had to get you out of that place…and soon.
       More tomorrow when I have the time to reminisce.
       Also I will try to explain to you in some detail why I’m writing these letters.
       Please be patient, my brother.