poem-stuffed to the gills
summer’s humid air sweats fat
time to cut the carbs  

poems breed, multiply
conquer but do not divide
we are unified  

poet peers three cheers
open doors open minds why
can’t we change the world  

the rosary beads
metered circles strung as one
exercise fingers  

family ties broken
circle of word spinners strong
new web is woven

filled with thanks and angst
the end of the beginning
nearer to the far  

The party’s over
social poets meet & greet
goodbyes sad to say

Goodbye to all of you-even to the poets whose works I didn’t read or read and didn’t comment. I feel like my family is splitting up all over again. I wish we could do something like this-but not this-but an online blog where we could post poems to actually workshop and comment on, or not, or just post and remove or keep and keep for KY or open to the world-and then we would all be published and never have to submit again-LOL-I hate the word, the concept of submit and submission. And now I must click submit-again-I never get used to it-