My transcendence is replenished.
Forgiveness does not diminish
The essence of a man,
Famished from the demand
Of guessing where it all began;
Something none of us will ever understand.

But as the sun comes up, we are all blessed.
Inhale good air, exhale bad stress from your chest.
If you’re depressed, it’s OK.
We’re all there someday,
But your time of life is running out,
Forever playing runaway.

I can say I’ve had those days, but these days,
Much better displays, got me feeling saved.
Recognized how I can help the world before the grave,
Ups and downs accumulate before the final crashing tidal wave.
Relax your face, create something great,
Do not hesitate to take a stake in the future’s fate. 

Go out on a nice date, engage in heated debate,
Quit that job that takes up all your time & hike in a different state. 
Yeah, yeah, I just want a way out,
A place to make a turnabout and call a fuckin’ time out.
Contemplate existence: wonder what it’s all about?
Life is a hole that I’m just trying to dig out.