And one day I realized,

They don’t love me

Like I imagine they love me.

And I never accept that,

Because I crave that dream.

That they love me as much as I wish they did.

I’m not saying they don’t love me at all,

I think they do— but who knows what’s true.


They don’t love me

How I dream every night they do.

They don’t memorize every word of our song,

They don’t embrace every hug

They don’t take a ridiculous amount of photos when we’re together.

And there’s nothing wrong with them.

I just romanticize my entire life,

To the point that it feels like a coming-of-age movie:

Like seeing the ocean for the first time

Or standing in the pouring rain at two in the morning.

There’s a certain feeling you get in those moments

I get those same feelings when I love people so strongly.


The feeling I have towards life is like no other

And I can’t beg someone to feel that way too

When I can’t even begin to explain what I mean.

I want so badly for someone to feel this euphoria,

And live it with me

So I show them how I live and love

And hope they’ll catch on.

But the thought still lingers everyday:

They don’t love me,

Like I imagine they love me.