live long and love your life
long live rock and roll punk and jazz
long live colored hair tattoos guns
long live choice to use dangerous tools
live long and love move your ya-yas
long live your kabul dreams
long live the ladies philharmonic
long live earth sky water heaven
live long and love your string bikini 
long live cowboy poet eastern shore
long live widows orphans filthy rich
long live salt fat flame skinny legs
live long and love your science
long live mars air condition car trips
long live ozone layer beef chicken farm
long live chance to harm the truth
live long and love your sacred feed
long live wake plastics ocean bed
long live coronovirus monkey pox
long live polio blood bath crutches
live long and love your firecrackers
long live power speech want will
long live individual physical quick
long live open arms upper lip feet
live long and love others as you love
long live nero that adopted fat fuck
long live sensitive murder excuses
long live caligula’s throat teen idols
live long and love your books
long live historical record executive order
long live sugarcane cotton vanilla
long live better servants leap punch
live long and love your freedoms
long live what it was what it is whatever
long live pickles brain drain estrangement
long live shit no one wants to hear
live long and love your liberty teeth
long live suburbs colony anthill bee
long live city smog purple height
long live bunsout fire cruel groupthink 
live long and love your process