Sunshine prisms on the hardwood 
Our clock with 2 year old batteries 
Forever frozen at 8:43
I’m sure somewhere along the way
We’ll figure out what it means. 
But I think to myself 
If the last time, were the last 
Twenty-four hours
Would it be enough to sustain them?
Would the last bit of yourself that you had to offer up
The night and day and hours before–
Be enough to last in their memory for the rest of their lives? 
Leaving a lasting mark 
Etched beautifully in their souls
Stretched out far enough to last the distance 
Time, space, and existence 
Will ask us to go until we meet again? 

Because these moments are all we’ve got until they’re and we’re 

So if tomorrow doesn’t exist yet
And these hours passed are all that’s left,
Was the gifts of yesterday enough? 
The laughs that sprang from our bellies..
the hugs that were wrapped so tightly 
too many snacks we over-indulged in
the thumbs we rubbed as we so nervously held hands
the love we made—
twice in one day, enough 
If “that enough”
was all we had left
to cling to in the dead of night, 
when tomorrow…. is the someday 
that starts without me and I’m but a memory 
Because someday– you won’t see 
the last time coming
but it somehow always does.
Make sure… just in case, this last time, 
is that last time…

Its good to the last drop— 
And never let it end, 
a moment too soon.