The only way to miss someone is like crazy,
like full on I’m gonna write it big on a sign crazy,
like I’m gonna get a mallet in the middle of the night
and pound that shit into the ground crazy,
like I’m gonna learn the violin for the next six years
just so I can appear all ethereal under your window
and play you the perfect song that will put lift
into your nightgown and float you down to the ground
where we will let go of the violin and the lessons
and run out into the streets where we will
make the same mess all over again but this time
laughing, this time a new wild in our eyes crazy.

This one goes out to Debra Glenn and Linda Freudenberger, who I don’t know, but with whom I share mutual intrigue about a sign they saw yesterday on the side of the road that read “miss you like crazy.” Being the good poets that they are, they then posted poems in response to the sign’s endless tantalizing mysteries. So, now, here’s mine! Go check out theirs too.