You who hurt me

So bad and so deep

A gash that will never heal


A demon that haunts me when I sleep

Taunting me with nightmares of memories that have never been mine

You who said you loved me

Then hurt me

You who claimed to care

Then left me


Some days

I wish she was still tangled up in me

I want to hurt her

I want to kick her

I want to hit her

I want to watch her cry

I want to hear her beg me to stop

I want to twist the knife and watch her bleed

Shock on her face

“I thought you loved me”, she would say, tears streaming down her face.

“I did”, I would respond.

Confusion would contort her face. “Then why would you do this to me?”

I would laugh, “You did it first.”

What a cathartic thought…

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